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The CMS is Now Available in G10
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Customization and automation
A team of engineers working on the design of custom-built molding presses is at your disposal
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More than 100 years of innovation !

REP was founded by Robert Esnault Pelterie (R.E.P.), an aviation pioneer and a major theorist in the field of astronautics, in 1907.


First plastic injection molding machine marketed by REP.

1961Patented V head no. 1961 070/1 274 579.
Thanks to this design of the injection unit with separate injection and plasticization functions, REP develops technology tailored to rubber injection.


G1 range of rubber injection molding machines

Injection unit with separate plasticization and injection functions and water regulation. Vertical press with a mechanically welded toggle lock closure operated by a 2-stroke hydraulic mechanism. Manual operation via actuated lever.


G4 range of rubber injection molding machines

Switch cabinet with PLC and adjustment of strokes, speeds and pressures by potentiometers. 

Centralized, computerized, self-correcting management of the injection process.

Closed-loop regulation of speeds, pressures and temperatures.

1986 Repnet® (Option)
Industrial computerised network for management of REP rubber injection press line:
C.I.M. Computer Integrated Manufactory and S.P.C. Statistical Process Control

1988 Curetrac® (Option)
A software package used on a microcomputer for calculating the theoretical cure time of a rubber part and on a REP press for automatically correcting the effective cure time

2002 Isothermould : Thermal distribution of the molds.
Distributed power rods. A 20% reduction of the cure time and a 40% reduction in the dispersion of the molded parts’ properties.


G9 range of rubber injection molding machines

Time saving for change in production and dry cycle times: new records. The G9 range is controlled via a touchscreen with extremely comprehensive features.

V79: a machine with excellent ergonomics: no pit needed for the press, no platform needed for the operator.

Telediagnosis® remote assistance entirely controlled by the customer.



Up to 50% cure time reduction and higher quality parts. This device consists of two independent modules: TempInverter® and FillBalancer®.


CMS: Compact Multi Station 

Unique multistation design for maximum productivy, particularly suitable for rubber metal parts


G10 range: - Intelligent, elegant and efficient

A double wink to its new ergonomic design and its embedded intelligent solutions, the G10 generation is branded "Infinitely Smart"


G9A range - REP's expert know-how on the Asian market


CMX: The CMS in version G10 

Multistation machine with latest-generation PLC. Available in two clamping forces (160T or 250T)

With over 60 years experience of building rubber injection machines, we put our know-how to work for you! 

We are also a supplier of solutions for the thermoplastic and polymer industries

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REP Cost Advisor : The Smart Choice!

Which press is best suited for your production process?

This module offers two decision-making tools allowing for the economic modelling of a rubber molding production and the calculation of the production cost of a molded part..


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