The Korea International Plastic & Rubber show was held from March 7-11 in Seoul


Positive return

REP’s local representative OTRA expressed satisfaction at the large number of visitors to their booth, in spite of events affecting Korea and more globally Far East Asia that have impacted global attendance at the KOPLAS show. 

Furthermore, to follow the sustained growth of demand, they are reinforcing the sales team dedicated to REP products with a new sales manager coming soon.


Rubber injection machinery meeting customers' expectations

REP’s advanced technologies featured in the new G10 Extended range and in REP Pack 4.0, a software package designed for Industry 4.0, attracted lots of professionals looking for significant productivity and quality improvements of their product.

With proven solutions and pertinent technologies, REP can offer dedicated solutions for competitive production against traditional equipment.


Mold laser cleaning 

OTRA was also showing the new laser mold cleaning equipment REPMLC500 by Laselec.

Quick and efficient demonstrations on real molds have impressed many visitors. This equipment is complementary to REP’s  rubber injection machineries core business.

It is available for a free demonstration up to the end of May at OTRA’s technical demo center.

Customers are invited to bring a mold or piece of it for a real test to assess the high cleaning level.


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