Laser technology dedicated to rubber mold cleaning

Download the flyer Usually cleaned in chemical bathes and through ultrasonics, blasting methods (plastic beads or cryogenics), or also manually using portable tools, mold cleaning processes remain a well-known problem to industrialists: not always efficient, often expensive, sometimes very noisy or to the detriment of the operators' safety, the different technologies used are not fully satisfying.  

Always focusing on useful solutions for its customers and on offering profitable alternatives, REP has worked with a laser-specialized partner and developed a laser technology matched to the cleaning of industrial parts, and injection and compression molds for the rubber and polymer processing.

The Company's name is LASELEC, a company referenced in aeronautics.

The machine REP MLC 500 by Laselec is from now on available through our distribution network.



A cutting-edge technology

The MLC500 machine allows cleaning hot molds and reusing them directly inside press (low temperature loss, as short cycle time).

Ideal for applications in the field of sealing, the "MLC500" machine is equipped with a rotating head used for the cleaning of a targeted (horizontal, vertical or inclined) area after having programmed the laser travel.

The machine is delivered with a software, which allows presetting the laser cleaning operation based on a CAD file, thus guaranteeing the best productivity/efficiency ratio in addition to its reproducibility.

Using the MLC 500 cleaning system stands for optimized, fast and reproducible cleaning.


See technical properties of the MLC 500 


An environment-friendly ecological solution

  • The process doesn't use any kind of solvent (no pollution).
  • Residuals are collected and filtered through an active carbon exhauster.
  • The machine is silent: very low sound level.

The use of the MLC 500 cleaning system guarantees green cleaning.

Safety and ergonomics for the operator

  • Simplicity of use: Installation and training within 2 days only
  • Control screen 12.1’’
  • Low space requirement (820 x 1,600 x 1,520 mm)
  • Movable roller-mounted machine for easy approach to the machine.
  • Laser class 1 without any danger in a closed enclosure, no chemical additive, no risk of spillage and the possibility to work safely in the close vicinity of the machine.

Using the MLC 500 cleaning system guarantees easy cleaning without any danger.


Gains in productivity

  • Increased mold availability: Production downtimes are low thanks to the possible cleaning of hot molds and their direct reuse inside press, no redundant mold required.
  • Reduced mold contamination, as the system can be used for preventive cleaning. Scrap rates may therefore be reduced.
  • No additional cost, as there are only few consumables (filters and indicators only).
  • Using this technology, no operator is required during the cleaning process, as the laser travel during the cleaning phase is automatic.

Using the MLC 500 cleaning system enables you to reduce operator, consumable and logistic charges.


You need more details or you want to perform test runs? We have three machines available for demonstration purposes: one in Europe, one in the United States, and one in Asia.

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