Composite Molding Presses

compression moulding press 250 tons PDCPD polydicyclopentadiene

Stunning! A press which tilts to 25°.....while the mold continues to be heated up

Very special specs:

 composite site vehicle engine hoods molded on a compression moulding machine

  • A machine of 8,400 mm height
  • Clamping force: 2500 kN 
  • Plates:  3 m x 4 m
  • An opening stroke of de 3.20 m
  • The press tilts while the mold continues to be heated up
  • A shuttle table
  • A 2m deep pit.

The biggest press of this type in the world


Mr Roland PERROLLIER, Industrial Manager of the COURBIS Group witnesses as follows:

customer feedback on producing construction vehicle engine hoods on a compression molding press

"We submitted our specification for a very specific press intended for the molding of site vehicle engine hoods of 2 m x 1 m x 1 m and 30 kg.

Considering the complexity of the parts at low-pressure injection and a relatively low closing force, the press needed to "tilt" to let the flue gas exit through the parting line and allow for optimized filling and a bubble-free part.

After several project reviews following the discussions with the engineers of REP and Tung Yu, the press was ready within the deadlines defined. During the FAT at Tung Yu, we could run the tests with our own mold and discover its operation far beyond our expectations, mainly in terms of process control. The press was shipped with its accessories without any problem.

Installed and commissioned in January 2014, our local technicians could easily get familiar with thanks to the simplicity of its controls and the memorization of the molding parameters. Very satisfied, we turned again toward REP for our next step, the production in Brazil."