Compression Molding Presses

TUNG YU's TYC-series

The compression molding machines of the TYC-series are suitable for: O-Rings, pharmaceutical stoppers, pistons of syringe and many other rubber parts.

See also our forming presses for moulding composite parts!

There are two series of them: 2RT or 3RT depending on the mold (2-layer or 3- layer mold)

Equipped with a 4-column style mechanism with high precision of parallelism, their adjustable opening stroke permits different mold heights. Their vacuum cover design allows for cure time reduction and increases production efficiency.

TYC presses have received CE safety approval.

TYC-V-2RT 2-layer mold compression molding machine

TYC2RT compression molding machine|compression moulding process|rubber parts|vacuum compression molding
TYC 2RT compression molding machine

Run in/out of 2 plates with 45° turnover of the upper plate. Suitable for different stripping options.

Available in different clamping forces ranging from 1000 to 5000 kN

TYC-V-3RT 3-layer mold compression molding machine

TYC3RT compression molding machine
TYC3 RT compression molding machine


Different optional ejection devices:
Automatic mold opening, run in/out  of the lower mold, rail system.
Upper and lower ejectors for full ejection of molded parts.
Adjustable upper plate turnover degree.

Available in different clamping forces ranging from 1000 to 5000 kN