Custom-Built Presses

press designed for rubber overmolding of cables designed for cutting stones|duplicat e molding

Duplicate molding of cables under tension in the mold

The S01 has been specially designed for that purpose !

This press is designed for a highly specific use:

Rubber overmolding of cables designed for cutting stones.
The cables must be positioned in the mold in the stretched position, and overmolding takes place successively, “step-by-step”.

A mechanical choice dictated by the application

The “C-Frame” structure, with a 1,000 kN mould clamping force, has been tailored to this press, because this technology offers access to all sides of the mold – something which is essential for successfully undertaking this very special overmolding.

Injection and clamping are, therefore, performed via the top because the platen where the cables to be overmolded are distributed is highly accessible and at a constant level.

This area comprises a system, on either side of the mold, which clamps and stretches four cables simultaneously, thereby positioning them and ensuring the precision of the molded part.

The heating platen fitted in this press also comprises a special temperature regulation mechanism, so that two areas of the mold can be managed at different temperatures.


  • Clamping force: 1,000 kN 
  • Dimensions of heater plates : 1000 x 500 mm
  • Injection capacity: 1000 cm3