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Cure time reduction Turbocure mold thermal filling balance
Turbocure: Fillbalancer and the Filling Benefit

A Revolutionary Approach!

TurboCure® reduces cure time up to 50%

TurboCure® consists of TempInverter® and FillBalancer® modules, that can be applied together or individually depending on the application.

This solution respects the compound integrity.

The quality is also improved.

Turbocure how to reduce cure time injection molding

Turbocure how to reduce cure time injection molding


Turbocure® can increase the average temperature of the material without the laminar effect.


  • In the injection unit: By reversing the thermal distribution in the rubber flow, TempInverter® reduces cure times up to 30%, providing 15 % energy-savings.


  • In the mould, by rebalancing filling between the cavities, FillBalancer® modifies the distribution of temperature in the flow as far as the cavities and makes it possible to reduce the cure time by up to 40%.


TurboCure®: a patented solution for improving quality and productivity while saving energy!


The Turbocure solution was awarded several prizes: REP got the AFICEP''s innovation award  in 2008 for TempInverter® and Beaumont Technologies got the Best of Erie Award 2009 for Fill Balancer®.

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FillBalancer® is patented worldwide by Beaumont Technology Inc. USA based on MeltFlipper® technology.
Patents: 6.077.470 & 6.503.438