Horizontal Presses

The world's first electric horizontal rubber injection machine!

EPG Range

The World's First Electric Molding Machine for Elastomers!

EPG models are compact horizontal electric machines belonging to the Performance Range. They are suitable for molding many elastomeric materials (rubber, silicones, etc)

This is advantageous when production operations of simple shape engineered parts are to be fully automated.

Main advantages 

Green, sustainable and eco-friendly machine 

  • Power consumption reduced up to 50%.
  • Water free operation thanks to air cooling
  • Waste reduced by 14%, optimized molding process (limited burrs and scraps)
  • Sustainable: Extremely low risk of part contamination due to oil free mold area.
  • Overall reduced oil volume in the machine paired with extended maintenance intervals

Productive electrically powered high-performance machine

    • Efficient: Overall productivity increased by more than 20%
    • Fast: Injection time reduced by 60% allowing the reduction of cure time by 30% thanks to the “High Performance Pack”
    • Precise: Completely simultaneous movements, fast and controlled acceleration
    • Flexible: FIFO injection unit designed for fast compound change

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EPG Horizontal Range