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CMX compact multistation: REP rubber injection molding multistation machine


The New Generation of Multi-Station Injection Moulding Presses is available 

Much awaited, the first CMX machine was already shipped to a North American Customer 

Why is it Called CMX?

CMX replaces the former CMS machine (Compact-Multi-Station)

  where X stands for 10 in Roman numerals  (because of G10!)  and mirrors the cross-shaped machine design with its 4 work stations.


The Utmost Solution by REP with Optimized Efficiency


The CMX is intended for highly profitable large-scale rubber part productions.  It integrates the automation technology of the latest generation 10 including all 4.0 functions for increased profitability and production management.

The multi-station design allows simultaneously combining the injection, curing and demoulding processes, thus leading to a 90% increase in productivity when compared to a single station press and a 68% increase in productivity compared with a press equipped with a double plate stripping kit.

The reduced number of mould cavities makes automation easier, reduces tooling costs and helps better controlling the injection and curing settings.


A Highly Flexible System


  • Injection of different shot capacities on each of the 4 moulds,
  • Use of different moulds, 
  • Operation with 1, 2 or 3 moulds.
  • Particularly fast mould change (10 minutes for all 4 moulding tools)

More info on the CMX dedicated page 


Expert Guidance

Our Process and Application Engineers are ready to perform a comparative study to show you to what extent the CMX can help you achieve enhanced production output and improve your process efficiency

Please feel free and contact us for any need you might have
Download the CMX flyer:

CMX Range: Multistation Presses