The 3-step closing unit combines both performance and rugged design

The clamping block system allows for a large opening stroke with a displacement speed much higher than the one of telescopic systems or other complex solutions. It needs considerably less maintenance thanks to low mechanical stress.

The accuracy of the opening/closing strokes and clamping/unclamping strokes allows for the reliable degassing control and the stability of the whole unit guarantees
optimized mold clamping


Improved ergonomics

Accessibility has been reinforced on this new machine while even further reducing its footprint

The height of the worktop is constant regardless of the mould height and the extruder inlet for the compound feeding is matched to an average-sized operator.

Among the various novelties, let's specify among others the (lateral and rear) windows for improved visibility, the light strip displaying the machine status, the precut lateral cage for the installation of a fume extraction system, the possible guard cleaning on both sides.

During the engineering phase, REP focused on clean components without lubrication and low risk of wear or leakage, in order to limit costly
maintenance operations.

Last but not least, the v710 is equipped with a new intuitive and user-friendly multitask interface. The operator will be able to simultaneously display two screen pages on the big 21.5 inch 16:9 touch screen divided into two areas to set parameters, follow a trend or monitor a control.


Embedded intelligent technologies

The G10 is equipped with predictive maintenance and autotuning software.

The machine will from now on be able to warn the operator of any possible component wear and anticipate the required maintenance operations to prevent the machine from failing.

The autotuning function is another technological advance of the G10, automatically optimizing the setting of speed parameters.

Finally, in order to allow for remote diagnosis and maintenance support, REP machines now have the capability to be equipped with a 3G modem for distant connection without requiring the internal customer network.


Energy-related efficiency 

The G10 REP machines are equipped with an energy-saving package

This solution focuses on three points :

  • The reinforced insulation between the traverse and the heater plate, which contributes to reduced energy consumption of the energy dedicated to the mold heating by 16%.
  • The additional insulating mat of the injection unit, which allows for reduced energy consumption of the energy dedicated to the compound preparation by up to 15%.
  • The new servomotor-driven pump unit including a synchronous motor controlled by a variable speed drive and a constant displacement pump, which allows for reduced energy consumption by 40%.
    It further and above all allows for available power authorizing both full flow and full pressure injection without diminishing the machine performances.