Vertical Standard Presses

rubber injection molding machine V210 Y125
Performance Line - V210 Y125

The V210 is a G10 machine belonging to the Performance range.  

The V210 belongs to the very small tonnage machines (50t)

It stands out stands for its particularly reduced space requirement.

Main advantages of all G10 Extended presses

  • Precise temperature and injection process monitoring
  • Most competitive energy yield per molded part
  • Extended connectivity (4.0 facilities)
  • Long lasting machine building
  • Large configuration option list
  • The accurate centring of the injection unit on the mold stands for unequalled tightness and shot size precision, thus warranting the quality of the molded parts. 

Technical features

  • Clamping force: 500 kN 
  • Dimensions of heater plates: 300 x 300 mm
  • Injection capacity: 125 cm3  
  • Injection pressure: 1500 bar
  • Width x depth: 1152 x 1636 mm
  • Max. height: 2773 mm