Composite Range Overview

Bridge-type compression press TPS-2000-A-PCD

bridge-type compression molding machine for composite parts |optical disk

Clamping force: 20000 kN

Specific pressure 500 kg/cm²

Dimensions of heater plates: 1500 x 1500 mm

Minimum mould closing speed: 0.03 mm/s  


Also available in a 10,000 ton version!

Implementation examples:  We supplied to a Korean manufacturer of large television screens a machine with platens of 2,800 mm x 1,600 mm for which we obtained a parallelism of 0.05mm.

Hydraulic compression molding machine TYC-12-S-PCD-2L-UP

single decker or double decker compression forming machine| dielectric resonator


Clamping force: 1500 kN

Closing from the top

Specific pressure 600 kg/cm²

Safety: light curtain, dual-hand control

Available as single-deck or double-deck machine

Implementation examples:  dielectric resonator



Hydraulic compression forming machine for abrasive materials TYC-22-PCD-UP

hydraulic forming press for composites |powder metal parts|abrasive materials|brake pads|clutch disks


Clamping force: 5000 kN

Closing from the top

Specific pressure 2600 kg/cm²

Bottom ejection battery


Implementation examples:  brake pads, clutch disks, powder metal parts  



  Multideck hot/cold forming press TPS-200-PCD-3L

 hot/cold molding machine for carbon composites

 Clamping force: 2000 kN

Available also as double station , triple station or multistation.

Hot cold process for carbon or glass fiber applications. 


 Implementation examples:  carbon bicycle forks   




 Compression and transfer molding for thermoset parts

 inexpensive compression press|transfer molding of thermoset materials

 Clamping force: 2000 kN

 Implementation examples:  connector parts, pharmastoppers