Industry 4.0

Centralized production line control |rubber injection molding
Real-time monitoring of a production line

Your production line at your fingertips and at a glance

REP Net 4.0 is a software program used to link the presses to a centralized data system

This user-friendly system using Windows checks the process quality in real time, centralizes the mold settings and follows the production schedule.

We are now in the fourth generation of presses network, since the 1st version of repnet in 1987.


REP Net 4.0 is still compatible with previous generations of presses! (G6, G7, G8, G9, G10).

 REP Net 4.0 is provided with a simplified web interface.

REP Net web, web interface for the workshop supervision allows to be alerted in real time on the status of the workshop!



REP Net 4.0 fits into Industry 4.0 and provides:

• Cycle traceability (set value, measured value, SPC calculation)
• Mould settings transfer and centralizing
• Help for production management, workshop modelling


Real time follow-up injection  workshop REP Net 4.0: Real time follow-up

Management of the production progress and anticipated series changes

CIM Concept (Computer Integrated Manufacturing):

Supervision and coordination of the production operations and flows to follow the input and availability of the presses. 

REP Net 4.0 can share its data with the company's management systems (ERP, MES, etc.) via the OPC UA protocol, the widely used communication standard within the scope of Industry 4.0


Centralized settings of moulding parameters REP Net 4.0

Centralized settings

Workshop flexibility

The process setting database is used to transfer the settings and easily change the productions between the presses.




Supervision of the process conformity REP Net 4.0


Permanent guarantee of the production stability 

SPC Concept (Statistical Process Control) : 

Record of the set values, measured values and supervision of the process stability and conformity.