Émilie AKULIONAK Human Resources

Émilie AKULIONAK, REP's Human Resources Manager, answers all your questions !

Discover the answers to the questions asked by future REP employees in the form of an interview.

Hello Émilie, can you tell us about the advantages of working at REP International?

Émilie: There are many advantages to working in a company of this size!

Working in an SME like ours allows for flexibility and a certain amount of freedom! We have all kinds of professions on the site, which allows us to react quickly and to have a quality of exchange that is not to be underestimated.

As for the financial advantages, we benefit from a 13th month bonus corresponding to one month's salary. There is also a transport allowance which is based on the annual change in the cost of the TCL pass (Lyons public transport) and which depends on the area of residence.

We also have profit-sharing and incentive agreements as well as a collective retirement savings plan (abridged PERCOL in French) with company matching contributions, which allow you to build up savings!

Interesting! Are there any other financial advantages that you can talk about?

Émilie: Of course, there are also the supplementary health insurance as well as disability and life insurance policies!  We benefit from an advantageous group health and welfare contract. We offer a base contract with the possibility of adding an option that covers certain categories of expenses even better.

For example, for the base contract, we are entitled 10 reimbursements of up to 70 euros per year for alternative medicine such as osteopathy!


Let's go back to the concrete benefits: how do you eat at lunchtime on the industrial site?

Émilie:  We count on a company canteen which is a significant advantage because we eat very well for less than 5 euros! We have a chef who prepares and serves a variety of meals with a wide choice of starters and desserts, with at least 2 main courses to choose from.

It's a real saving indeed! Is there any other initiatives of this type?

Émilie: We recently worked on parenthood and set up company day-nursery with our partner Les Parents Zens. This program includes daycare places, emergency childcare and additional services such as "personal assistance". A great project in which we take pride!

We also have the 1% housing scheme which offers services and financial support. We regularly communicate on the programs in preparation through our internal dynamic display.

In terms of work/personal life balance, how does REP position itself?

Émilie: REP offers the possibility to benefit from flexible working hours that provide more freedom in the start and end of work days. Remote work is also available after 3 months of seniority for positions that allow it, up to 52 days/year. Finally, we offer our non-managerial employees work contracts with variable weekly hours and conditions for days off. This allows each employee, depending on their situation, to manage their time in the best way possible and to find a balance between professional and personal life.

Quality of working life, well-being at work, are these concepts a matter?

Émilie: Absolutely, we are a production plant and QWL at REP is mainly concerned with the layout of workstations, in addition to the flexible working hours and the advantages mentioned above, which are already very interesting. We are attentive to employee requests and do our best to meet them.


Turnover is very low at REP, employees are loyal. Do you face recruitment difficulties?

Émilie: Yes, as is the case everywhere in the industry, certain positions are in short supply. This is why we have set up a co-optation bonus for our employees to recommend new talents for the company. This allows employees to share opportunities with their friends and relatives, while receiving a bonus if the recruitment goes through. In addition, we have been committed to taking on work-study students for many years now, which allows us to have a pool of young recruits to hire.


Can you tell us a little more about the work-study program and the training support provided by REP?

Émilie:  This can be a professionalization or apprenticeship contract for one year or more, from a technical certificate to Master's degree. REP's work-study students are fully-fledged employees and are entrusted with missions that are certainly formative, but above all with high added value. Whenever possible, we offer a position at the end of the work-study program. Today, we have former students who have become managers! Training support is essential at REP for all of our employees. We make every effort possible to create optimal conditions for integration: for each new employee, an internal training program is planned.


Thank you Émilie for your time and for telling us about these employee benefits. REP International does seem to be an excellent place to work at!

Émilie: Thank You! We are proud to offer these additional benefits to our employees and we are happy that are comfortable working here.

If you have any further questions or if you need clarification, feel free to contact us!