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Founded in 2020

Location: Capriolo (BS), Italy

Tell us about yourself

  • SHS ITALIA is a company specialized in the production of complex technical gaskets and O-Rings in rubber and silicone.
  • Our customers operate in various market sectors, the main ones being food and beverages, electrical and electronic components, microtechnologies, gas and sanitary, automotive and e-mobility, measurement technologies.


Manufacturing workshop

SHS Workshop

 Focus on the workshop 


REP: How many REP presses do you have in your plant? What are the presses in question?

SHS: 4 horizontal injection machines EPG200, 3 horizontal injection machines EPG300 and 1 compression molding machine of 300 tons.

EPG presses are originally developed by RPM s.r.l.,
now a member and subsidiary of the REP group.


REP: Why this choice of models precisely? What advantages and characteristics can we attribute to them?

SHS: If we were to group them into 4 main points, we would say:

 1. Dimensions  

Dimensions of the machine, with the compact layout of the machine, we save space in the department for a better use of our building surface

 3. Remote maintenance 

Teleassitance with "Help" software, help us to reduce MTTR time (Mean Time To Repair) in case of faults.
The High Performance Pack enables our production to become autonomous.

 2. Energy 

Energy saving: we measured a real advantage concerning electrical consumption of our machines that help us to reduce our environment impact

 4. Precision 

Electric movements: allow us a very precise control of the machine, that means repeatable and stable process. Furthermore, electric movements mean no oil into molding area, it's a big advantage for quality assurance of our product.


We keep under control the consumption of the machine, this allows us to manage the energy price increase without impact on our selling price on the market, it means that we can be competitive.

RPM supported us during the design of our working station and helped us by cooperating with all the other suppliers for cold runner system, temperature control units, heating plates. The result is that we have “built a system” instead of “buy a machine."


REP: What about the ergonomics of the workstation? How can REP machines be differentiated from other models?

SHS: Compact dimensions allowed us to reduce movements of the operators (fewer daily steps), create efficiency in our layout, by a best use of the same space. We reduced the operator’s perceived temperature, by a development of the heating systems of the machine.

Complex O-ring seals

 Focus on the production 


REP: For which use(s) and type of production do you require REP machines?

SHS: We use RPM machines mainly for the production of O-rings and technical articles, even complex ones, but for which automatic operation of the press is possible.

REP: To what extent are these machines a real advantage for you in terms of productivity?


  • An automatic molding cycle has certain and repeatable time, that means a certain productivity rate
  • An automatic cycle means fewer manual operations, that means less variation during the process, in other terms a best controlled process
  • Using a reliable automatic machine, means that the operators can focus on added value activities without unexpected operations on the machine


Injection molding of technical and precision parts

 Focus on the finished product 


"The versatility, simplicity and wealth of information of REP presses allow us to analyze every aspect in detail to transform ideas into concrete work."

Satisfied customer collaboration

 REP & you 

REP: How long have you been a REP Customer?

SHS: For 4 years.

REP: What made you come to REP more than to any other company?

SHS: We chose REP because for us it symbolizes:




 Future projects 

REP: What are your future goals and challenges to complete?

SHS: Our business plan foresees a new step for 6 new machines in the next two years.




Person interviewed

Guiseppe NATOLI

Mr. Giuseppe NATOLI

Managing Director

SHS Italia S.R.L

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