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The Intercontinental Move of a Large Composite Molding Press

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On-site assistance refurbishment compression molding press

We serve our customers throughout the lifetime of a machine thanks to our "REP Services".

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An industrial target and a challenge for mobility


In 2013, COURBIS Corporation purchased one of the largest Tung Yu tilting compression molding press.

It was designed for their new production site in China.

This tilting machine, which was initially intended for the molding of site vehicle engine hoods, was a major challenge and still offers us today a new challenge to face.


The story of a journey


Industrial reimplementation

This machine was installed and commissioned in Beijing in January 2014. It has traveled across the world and is now in full production in France.

The COURBIS company has decided to move its Chinese plant to Europe.

The machine has traveled almost 10,500 km by getting full teams of engineers and agents on board.

Logistics was ensured despite the sanitary measures.

The compression molding press started producing again in a new building intended for this purpose.



A consistent all-round service


REP was there seven years after the machine was sold.

We assisted COURBIS throughout this comprehensive venture, which was impacted by the sanitary and climatic hazards.

We had to face various structural constraints (roof opening, electrical connection, pit, etc.). 

Our support was required from the disassembly to the final commissioning of the machine.

Updating the press and the training of the staff were also part of the revamping package.



The relocation goal is reached


After having spent part of its life on producing site vehicle engine hoods, this well-travelled press, TYC-8x4-A-S-PCD-UP, is now adapted to a completely new market: the manufacture of large-sized parts for the leisure industry and utility vehicles.




Installation and revamping rubber press


A Journey, an Overall Makeover and a New Life!


Relocation injection molding machine

The move in a few words:


  • A journey of more than 10,500 km
  • The shipment of a more than 8-meter-high compression molding press (almost 75 tons)
  • On-site assistance despite the sanitary measures necessary in a pandemic
  • Reactive and full support until the first part was molded (within less than 2 months)


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