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Bruno Tabar, C.E.O. of REP international has been awarded the prestigious rank of Knight in the National Order of Merit.

French historical know-how as an injection molding machine manufacturer rewarded

REP is honored by the distinction granted to its President, Bruno TABAR, who was elevated to the rank of Knight in the National Order of Merit on the proposal of Mr. Bruno LEMAIRE, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery.

Rewarding international economic influence

This distinction has been awarded in recognition of the contribution to France's economic influence abroad for more than 30 years, highlighted by the deployment of our international presence.

French historical know-how as an injection molding machine manufacturer

As a pioneer of innovation in this field in the 1960s, REP has greatly contributed to the development of the elastomer industry and continues to do so.

Thanks to the strength of its global network of subsidiaries and agents, who provides local sales and technical support, REP has supported the industrial development of rubber parts throughout the world.


With more than 12,000 machines installed in 77 countries, everyone who wants to mold elastomer parts based on injection molding can have access to the technology of REP.


This medal to our CEO translates pride and great recognition!

Bruno TABAR CEO group REP international



A few words from Mr Bruno Tabar 

"This national recognition acknowledges the remarkable way REP has evolved and it rewards and honors all those who contributed to its development on the global market.
It encourages further efforts to address the challenges that the new generations are already facing and also
provides a touch of sparkle to brighten our sometimes weary daily lives. It further sharpens our ambition to rank among the best and
it calls for continuous projects in line with our vision and path for the future."


A reputation worthy of the award


gas masks, silent blocks, vibration mounts, rubber seals, OEM looking for solutions in the field of automationLet's imagine ...



  • an American company who wants to produce gas masks
  • or an Indonesian company who wants to inject silent blocks
  • or even a factory belonging to a large automotive group producing vibration mounts
  • a company from the Maghreb wanting to manufacture washing machine door seals
  • a rubber seal factory in Romania
  • a Spanish component supplier looking for automation solutions
  • in Australia, Ethiopia, Sweden, Russia, China, Canada, Germany, India, Mexico etc.

 ... everyone, everywhere in the world, may benefit from REP's services! 


National distinction REP company

A blue starred ribbon

Blue as the color so typical of REP!

Did you know? The National Order of Merit is:

  • the second national Order, designed to honor French citizens in complementarity with the Legion of Honor,
  • a reward for outstanding merit acquired in the service of the nation in a civilian or military, public or private capacity,
  • a highlight of a French activity participating in national success,
  • an encouragement for the country's driving forces.