REP injection presses machine frame closing with clamping block
3-stage closing: clamping block

Three-stage closing: long production run reliability

With the 160 to 800 ton presses and over (1200 and 2000 tons), rapid closing is ensured by two hydraulic cylinders.

A pivoting indexing block inserts itself between the movable traverse and the mold adjusting screw.

A cylinder incorporated into the fixed traverse opposite the injection unit provides the clamping function.

Three-stage closing ensures a constant opening stroke whatever the thickness of the mold.

Two-stage closing: simplicity for small runs

These presses, with a closing force of 25 to 100 tons, are designed for small production runs not requiring the use of stripping kits.

The rapid closing speed is achieved by two closing cylinders and clamping by a direct cylinder that ensures constant working height.

With the C-frame press, the way is clear!

Thanks to total access from the side, C-frame injection moulding machines are particularly well suited to the production of:

  • sealing profiles junction and corner molding,
  • small engineering parts in an automated environment.

The expert's opinion

Laurent Terrier, Product and Service Development Director

"The traverse castings of the frame have been specifically designed for each type of press to provide excellent rigidity. Deformation of the plates under load is less than 0.10 mm.

This special REP feature, combined with the shoulderless columns, ensures constant parallelism as well as exceptional tooling durability and guarantees the dimensional quality of the parts."

Laurent Terrier, Product and Service Development Director


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