technical assistance and spare parts

A just-in-time service

  • Maintaining a fleet of presses,
  • Optimizing the performance of your teams and presses,
  • Successfully managing your geographic locations and equipment transfers,

To carry out these tasks, REP has built up an effective multi-site structure.  Each of these requirements requires a concrete response, which is a condition of a successful project.

REP works with the best service providers (transport, customs clearance, etc.) all over the world so that the logistic facilities provided when the goods leave France mean real support for the local teams.


To what do we commit ourselves?

Dispatch of spare parts as soon as possible

  • 85% of all parts are dispatched on the same day for orders placed before 10 a.m.
  • 95% of all parts are delivered within the promised deadline.

On-site intervention

Engineer dispatched to the site within a time acceptable for the customer to restart production under the best possible conditions.


Telephone assistance in the customer''s own language, provided by one of our technical assistance centers worldwide, or direct on-site emergency assistance when required.

How do we proceed?

  • Large stocks of spare parts held in our centres worldwide for the repair of press generations installed within the last 40 years.

  • Over 70 multi-skilled engineers, worldwide trained to deal with a range of problems: mechanical, hydraulic, electronic or automatic process control.

  • Maintenance Contracts: A program of annual technical inspections is available to ensure optimum reliability and prevent potential faults.

  • 7 volumes of comprehensive technical documentation : Installation, operation, maintenance, spare parts, options, software, tools and equipment in 5 languages. Available on hard copy or computer medium.

  • Training: Numerous and open-ended, standard or personalized, our training courses include all generations and all configurations.

How things stand

Aftersales technical support for REP injection molding presses

To date, all over the world, a REP injection moulding machine never shuts down due to an obsolete component missing. We always propose replacement solutions or retrofits to allow for service continuity.

That our presses remain active thanks not only to the soundness of the technical solutions implemented, but also to:
  • An original "all options" design that with the benefit of our retrofitting program ensures an on-going functional upgrading capability eliminating the threat of obsolescence
  • Monitoring press condition as provided for in our maintenance contracts
  • Where required, a policy of renovation designed to give the older presses a new lease on life.  

Jocelyn DUPUY, After-Sales Service Manager