remote assistance, remote diagnostic, remote trouble-shooting

Remote help fully controlled by the customer 

When a press has a problem while operating, there is not a minute to be lost in analyzing the origin of the trouble

REP aftersales technicians can be available in a very short period of time, but it may be necessary to make two visits.

  • First visit for a diagnosis, to decide if a spare part has to be ordered,
  • Second visit for the repair.

REP now has a telediagnosis service to shorten press out-of-action time

This eliminates the first onsite visit by an immediate analysis of the problem. When the origin of the trouble has been identified, either the customer can work on the press himself, or a repair team can be called in.

Finally, a lot of precious time is saved by avoiding one visit and arriving at a reliable diagnosis.

A service activated and controlled by the user

The principle of telediagnosis entails accessing the screen of a press via the internet. However, this link is established by the user of the press, who remains in control of any intervention.

As soon as the request has been made, the REP technician (wherever he happens to be) sees a screen completely identical to that of the faulty press.

He can therefore analyse the breakdown as if he were on the spot. If an adjustment can solve the problem, he suggests it to the customer and performs it under his control.

So the press and the privacy of information are fully controlled by the user.


A REP survey carried out over four months has shown that in one third of repair visits, telediagnosis could have avoided a trip to analyze the problem.