Thorsten JUST

Interview with Thorsten JUST,
Global Sales and Marketing Director 

Thorsten JUST, according to you, which are the principles upon which REP's reputation was built?

I would say that 5 basic principles have built the company''s reputation.


 REP is a specialist organization

First, REP is a specialist organization. Our group handles the design, production, marketing and after-sales service of both rubber injection and rubber compression molding machines. Our knowledge of the product and the market is the first guarantee of our capability.


 REP operates worldwide

Our group has established a worldwide network of subsidiaries and agencies designed to ensure a strong local technical and marketing presence. This second point was decisive in acquiring our leadership position.


 REP provides innovative and open-ended solutions.

Thirdly, the Group devotes all of its potential to the improvement of technical solutions at the same time as ensuring maximum compatibility with the customer''s existing equipment. 


REP's continuous objective is total quality

Our success depends on the satisfaction of our customers throughout the world. The achievement of this satisfaction is the continuous objective of our policy of on-going quality and improvement of the products and services provided by the REP GROUP.


REP works in partnership with its customers at every level.

Our mission is to remain at the service of our customers over and above providing them with a press. We assist our customers throughout the life of the equipment.
We also act as partner when it comes to technical decisions, process simulation and all the trials required to ensure the quality of the finished product.